About Me


I’m Craig Dallas…

A multi-disciplined digital creative designer also specialising in commissioned illustrations and photography.

Who am I?

I’m not a big fan of self promotion, so I’ll keep this brief and casual. I suppose the most common way I’ve been described is; “laid-back, calm, very approachable and always smiling”. I do believe that a smile is less effort than a frown… so I suppose that’s an easy way to be!

My roots stem from a very relaxed and coastal background in Durban, South Africa. I emigrated to the UK back in 1994 with my parents and have been here ever since.

I was schooled in Epping, Essex. Went on to complete a BTEC National Diploma in Fine Art at Harlow College and then achieved my Bachelor’s degree in Design from the Cambridge School of Art, (otherwise known as Anglia Ruskin University), in 2002. Since then, I’ve lived and worked in and around the Cambridgeshire area.

What do I do?

I am currently the lead digital designer at Hotel Chocolat and am responsible for creating and managing artwork across their highly successful digital channels. That means I design and create artwork for Emails, Affiliate Banners, Organic and Paid Social collateral, User Journeys and any other developments on Hotel Chocolat’s adaptive website. Although, I also spend a lot of time retouching and comping together images to best suit digital formats… and I also dabble in a bit of coding at the front-end of the website.

When I’m not doing that, I’m designing, illustrating and photographing on a freelance basis. So if you have a project in mind and want to discuss an effective creative solution please don’t hesitate to get in touch

How much do I charge?

My freelance work encompasses Design, Illustration and Photography – all of which come under a flat-rate charge of £40 per hour.


I invoice by the calendar month and payment must be made within 30 days from the date the invoice is issued.


Any purchases are discussed and agreed prior to expense and are detailed in my invoice for the month.


I currently host a number of clients’ websites and email accounts. My hosting charges are tailored to requirements, so probably best to discuss these with me, but as a guide; a single and basic website with 2 accompanying email addresses will be charged at £75 annually. (Domain registrations and subscriptions are additional but can be included as expenses).